My first Green Smoothie! With spinach, mango, banana and ginger - not only fully healthy, but also delicious!

Alaaf and Helau (calling my Hessian roots), you fools out there! A sign of life from the carnival stronghold of Cologne!
But who believes I was in the past few days in the wild party marathon muffled and therefore was so quiet that is wrong. Instead, just in time for Weiberfastnacht has brought down a nasty cold and in recent days tied to the bed. Just like my body likes to do this on holidays. I am a typical weekend and holiday sick. Somewhere I've read that it's even medically explainable, why you always get sick when you actually wanted to let it go well.
Anyway, today I am today for the first time after 5 days. House, Kleenex balsam and Ben & Jerry's marathon crept back to the daylight and dragged me to the office. Good worker, you only get sick when you're free anyway ...

But to get some life back in the shack - and not just my body but above all, my poor, neglected blog - I celebrated a premiere yesterday.
My first Green Smoothie !
For a long time I have that as an unnecessary trend dismissed - who mashed lamb's lettuce and kale and then drinks it? I want to use them as long as I have teeth!
The whole thing has always had, let's call it "slightly eco-vegan-esoteric health breath" for me, with which I honestly can not start now sooo much.
But as it is with the trends, also I can not get around it and become curious.
And instead of hungover after four days party marathon resurrected, the starting point after four days cold was basically the same. Perfect conditions so for a self-test!
I'm but a sissy and too healthy scares me quickly. That's why I researched and read (I had plenty of time) and quickly discovered that young spinach is the perfect base for beginners. Not as bitter as arugula, but still healthy and fresh.
In addition I've considered a bit of favorite fruit, in a scarf and cap thrown (right, we had 12 ° C ...) and I stomped to the vegetable stall (not through snow, but by confetti and camels) and have covered myself with vitamins.

A basis for my recipe I did not have. I do not think there are any great recipes for green smoothies. Allowed is what tastes and pleases. The fact that green smoothies are more of a deterrent color is no longer an obstacle, and so from shade green to matte brown, basically all shades are allowed. The main thing is healthy!
I can well imagine lamb's lettuce instead of spinach. Or chard. A bit of parsley or basil. Or even coriander? Instead of mango maybe pineapple? And instead of orange grapefruit. How about avocado, is not it green?
There are no limits to your imagination and I am in the mood for a trial with my first Green Smoothie. It should be noted that the whole thing is varied, because in spinach, Swiss chard and some other vegetables oxalic acid is present, which in turn can be harmful to health in large quantities.

Important for the preparation is indeed but before All in all a pretty good blender .
Unfortunately you can not get very far with a blender. You must not puree and shred for too long - otherwise the brew will be warm, the vitamins go away or something. The faster and the stronger, the better.
A blender or blender with lots of power would be perfect. Who has a Thermomix (I have), can use this wonderfully.

To anticipate the result: I found my first Green Smoothie simply awesome!
The color was of course extreme, the relationship between "tastes healthy" and "fruit salad" was perfect, however.My husband does not like that. He was suddenly 8 years old, his face was twisted and he said "Bah!" Also: "That tastes full of spinach!" (Note: is not true!) And: "It smells like broccoli!" (Note: his absolutely most hated vegetables, but did not smell like that anyway) and: "That's hot! ". He was finally right. You have to like ginger. Or just leave it out.
The result was two glasses of Green Smoothie for me. That was enough until afternoon. And I think only because of the vitamin kick I could sit back in the office today ... But a miracle cure?

In order not to be regarded as a rabene wife: the man then quickly got a fruit shake from frozen raspberries, TK -Blueberries, a banana, half a lemon and a good sip of milk. The pink girl's soda was then able to soothe him again and in the house was everything nice again ... nice.

But who wants to take something healthy after the carnival days, who needs a vitamin kick or just I would like to replace his breakfast with something half-liquid (non-alcoholic), but I recommend my green power juice.
I now use words that I have not used here and probably will not use often in the future: In addition it's vegan and raw and it's just fruits and vegetables.
Bam, I wrote said . Of course you can Also add some healthy oil (coconut oil, for example) so that fat-soluble vitamins can really dissolve. And then there are various Superfood like or Chia Seeds or whatever that is called. Is it safe to put in everything well, if you want.
But I leave it pure - a simple, simple GREEN SMOOTHIE !
Let it taste you

Green smoothie in glass, Green smoothie

Green Smoothie - with spinach, mango, banana and ginger

for 2 large glasses


2 big hands full of young spinach leaves
1 ripe mango
1 ripe banana
1 orange juice of 1/2 lemon
1 piece , about 5 cm long and thumb thick ginger (optional and to taste)
possibly. some orange juice or water for dilution


Read the spinach, clean it carefully, wash it and dry well or shake it dry.
Into the container of a blender or blender. If you have a Vitamix or Magimix, take this device accordingly. And who like me has a Thermomix, packs the spinach in the mixing pot. It is already quite full, so you should press the leaves slightly.

Peel the mango and cut the pulp from the core. Layer in coarse pieces on the spinach leaves. Peel the banana and cut into pieces. Peel the orange, remove the white skin and put the individual columns together with the banana into the blender. Half the lemon to squeeze.
Finally, peel the ginger and also with in the blender.

Mix all ingredients at the highest level for about 30-60 seconds to a smooth mass.
The resulting liquid or cream should have a velvety consistency without pieces.
If the consistency is too firm, just add about 50-100 ml of orange juice or water and mix again vigorously.

Distribute immediately on two large glasses and enjoy directly!