Sunday breakfast deluxe: Burnt pecan cream on bread, on waffles, on pancakes, on ice ...

I'll tell you something: classic nut nougat spread and plain fruit jams are out of tune! The latest craze on the breakfast table for me are clearly nut spreads of roasted nut kernels. Bäm! And before you want to contradict vehemently - read on first.
I discovered the delicious creams at the end of August at the eat & lifestyle in Frankfurt: Brandgut is a young Hamburg company that specializes in crispy nut spreads. In the spread come only nut kernels, sugar, vanilla, salt and at most a little oil. That's it! And they both taste good on bread rolls, mares, white bread, brown bread and even wholegrain bread.
I'm so excited. And that's why this is not an advertising contribution, but only a personal recommendation. I bought four glasses of the spreads directly on the spot: Cashew, hazelnut and two pecans, my personal favorite. And all the people who tried on site were also completely thrilled. For me with the discovery of the year. Other varieties include almond, peanut and pistachio. What a great range! In addition, the packaging is incredibly pretty and the names are real bangers. Who can resist "Yes, Pe Can!" Or "Haselgenuss" ?! And because everything is so delicious, my stock is already empty ...
 Sunday breakfast deluxe: Burnt pecan cream on bread, on waffles, on pancakes, on ice ...
But I would not be me if I did not even try it myself. So I put myself in my experimental kitchen and started tinkering. The first attempt was nothing - for my taste, the nuts must not be completely burned. If you've ever made yourself roasted almonds, you know the process for sure: first, the almonds are crispy and dry and get a sugar crust, then this crust dissolves again, melts and the almonds are nicely caramelized. However, the result with pecans in this process had too many toasted flavors for me personally and was not as nice crunchy as I wanted.
So I stopped the process in the second attempt exactly at the point when the water has evaporated and the nuts get a bright sugar crust. The result was perfect for my taste!
 Sunday breakfast deluxe: Burnt pecan cream on bread, on waffles, on pancakes, on ice ...
After the Cooling the burnt nuts, they must be mixed with a powerful mixer. The blender comes rather quickly to the limits. A strong food processor or blender is definitely an advantage. I mixed the nuts in Thermomix, it worked wonderfully. So that the mass does not get too hot and the individual components separate, you should always mix only at short intervals and not too high level. We do not want to make a very fine almond purée, but a crunchy cream. It's best to mix at medium level a few times in a row with breaks for about 20-30 seconds. The mass should be really nice creamy, but just still small pieces included.The cream should of course always be removed only with a clean spoon. You probably can not control yourself and want to lick the spoon directly - then just take a fresh spoon for the next serving of cream. By the exiting oil of the nuts or the added oil, the Mus preserved by itself. The oil settles on the surface after some time, the mass becomes more and more solid downwards. Therefore, you should thoroughly stir the cream before each use. In the fridge, there is a risk that condensation will form and the mass will start to mold.

And then it says: Pimp your cuddle! That's why here comes my recipe for an incredibly delicious, crispy, sweet and simply irresistible pecan spread of roasted pecans. Of course, you can also use any other kind of nut kernels - for non-fatty nuts or kernels you just give a little neutral sunflower oil to the mass.
By the way, of course, the spread does not taste just as a spread. Sprinkle something about a fresh, crispy waffle, spread a pancake with it or try it on an ice cream. Mhhmmm ....

 Sunday breakfast deluxe: Burnt pecan cream on bread, on waffles, on pancakes, on ice ...

Burnt pecan cream

for 1 glass


200 g sugar - 125 g water - 1 tbsp homemade vanilla sugar or 1 pinch of ground vanilla pod
200 g raw pecan kernels
1/4 Tl sea salt flakes


Lay out a baking sheet with non-stick coated baking paper.
Put a large coated pan on the stove. Add sugar and water and bring to a boil over medium heat while stirring. Add the vanilla.
Once the liquid has boiled and the sugar has dissolved, add the pecan kernels to the pan. Simmer the mixture with regular stirring for a few minutes until the water has evaporated and forms a white sugar crust around the nuts. Once this crust is dry and before it melts and caramelizes, remove the pan from the heat.
Put the nuts on the baking paper on the baking tray and spread evenly so the nuts do not stick together too much. Let cool completely.
Once the nuts are completely dry and cold, mix in a powerful blender in several stages to a cream with small crunchy pieces. Stir in the sea salt flakes.
Pour into a hot, rinsed glass and store at room temperature.