Tutorial: Creating an External Blogroll at Blogspot | create a blog roll on an external page of blogger.com

Please note:
My blog is now on WordPress and I'm no longer a Blogspot user.
Unfortunately, I can not offer any support or assistance. The tutorial is purely empirical, as I created an external Blogroll on Blogspot in the summer of 2014.

Let's face it, the Blogroll at Blogger (so Google's Blogspot ) just is not nice. In the sidebar or below the postings she just looks clunky and exaggerated and does not really fun to scroll through. But there is a little trick or a short tutorial on how to get the blog roll on a external page . That's not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. I also use my blogroll directly as a kind of feedreader, because I simply do not like the existing feedreaders.

There are already a few tutorials on the net, but they often come from the time before Google changed the design for Blogger. Therefore, the previous instructions can not 1: 1 take over, but something must be adjusted. Lately, I've been helping other blogspot bloggers a few times and figured it might be good for a few others as well.
That's why there's a detailed, illustrated tutorial on how to do it and how it works an absolute premiere on my blog: a technical tutorial !
Often I'm asked if I host on WordPress because I've modified my design so much that you have the blogspot Basis hardly recognizes. No, I am still at Blogger - also there it is possible to work with own templates and with the help of a few tricks and small HTML and CSS knowledge to make a really nice blog. So far, I have not come up against any limits and can not complain, so there is currently no reason to move WordPress. Of course, I just shy away from the effort, even if the templates and the programming of Blogspot under SEO aspects are not really getting along well ... So long for now as long as now and now for all with beautiful, external Blogroll.
Very important: before making any changes you should back up your blog . Simply Settings> Miscellaneous> Blog Extras export the Blog and save it. I do this on a regular basis so as not to lose all postings and attitudes.
I also strongly advise that you create a test blog and never directly in the blog itself Settings tried! At Blogspot you have the opportunity to run several blogs. I have set up two invisible test blogs, into which I have simply re-copied my template and can calmly test all functions there.
Nevertheless, I would like to point out once again that I are not a professional I'm just a blogspot blogger myself. I can not give you any guarantee or warranty that it will work properly with you and I am not responsible for any damage caused to your blogs or the code. Please take note! I am happy to help if you do not get any further, but I do not offer this as a professional service! That's why using my tutorial happens completely at your own risk!
So, if you have now backed up your main blog and set up a test blog, it starts:
I go on the spot Assume that you have not yet created a blog roll, but create a completely new.
Go to the menu item Layout in the left sidebar and click on Add Gadget just above the blog posts area.Nothing needs to be set and no text on the page. Save the page with Publish .
Tutorial: Creating an External Blogroll at Blogspot | create a blog roll on an external page of blogger.com
Now go back to the overview of the pages. There is the new blogroll at the top. If you click View , you will be taken to the new page directly in the blog in a new tab or window.
 Tutorial: Create an external blog roll on Blogspot | Create a blog roll on an external page
Here on the page Blogroll there is only the headline Blogroll and otherwise a blank page. You can see the empty widget My Blog List that we created first. Now copy the full link to this blog page from the address bar of your browser.
 Tutorial: Create an external blog post at Blogspot | Create a blog post on an external page
Now we need to go back to the Layout and the said My Blog List widget . Select Add to List and type in the link you just copied to your blogroll via Insert via URL . Click Add - you may get an error message that there are no feeds for this link. That does not matter in the case, we want to insert the link anyway. Do not forget to click Save .
 Tutorial: Creating an external blogroll on Blogspot | Creating a blog post on an external page
Now you have to we add another code. Select the menu item Template and click Edit HTML . Select BlogList1 in the Next to widget tab.
 Tutorial: Create an external blog post on Blogspot | Create a blog post on an external page
You now automatically end up in the right place in the source code. For me, the BlogList1 is here in line 848. If a black arrow is next to the line number, lines are hidden. Very important: if you have a blogspot.de address, you have to enter here .de a .com here and only here
For example, my link is http://moeystestblog.blogspot .de /p/blogroll.html - with it it does not work - you have to correct the ending in a .com !
Here in the highlighted code you can see what it must look like.
Tutorial: Creating an external blog roll at Blogspot | Create a blogroll on an external page
Now save the template and go back to Layout area in the menu. Open the My Blog List widget and use the URL link to add a blog of your choice.
Open Now your external blog site on the blog - and tada, there it is, your blogroll!
You can now use both the widget in the layout add more blogs to the widget using the small tool icon at the bottom right . You can also set in the widget itself, what exactly should be displayed: thumbnails, preview texts, times, how many blogs on the page should be displayed immediately, etc. Just test what attitude you find the best. I like it very simple and simple, that's why I've made it quite easy.
Tutorial: Creating an external blog roll on Blogspot | Creating a blog roll on an external page
What bothers me at this point is that there was a gap in my blog when My blog list is above the post area . You can fix this by simply dragging the below gadget in the Blogger Layout gadget. Click with the mouse on the dotted, gray area of ​​the gadget and pull it down. Then save the layout and you're done!
 Tutorial: Creating an external blogroll on Blogspot | Creating a blog post on an external page

If everything went so far in the test blog, you can Instructions now for your correct blog take over. Please do not just copy from the test blog, but go back step by step - the right blog contains more widgets and codes and the line number does not match the test blog. The danger is just too big, that you shoot something in the HTML. So take it easy again and carefully from scratch.

I hope that this guide helps you create an external blogroll. Have fun with your new blog roll!